Embracing Art and Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Founding My CPG Brand

My journey into the realm of consumer packaged goods began with a deep-rooted passion for nail art. As an artist, I sought to share my creations with others while offering a sanctuary for self-indulgence without leaving home.

The road was challenging. It took a year of meticulous sourcing and exploration to discover groundbreaking technology from Korea that transformed at-home nail care. This innovation proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a safe option for those allergic to traditional gel products and filling the void left by salon closures. My artistic vision enabled women to achieve professional-grade results conveniently and affordably.

However, my brand evolved beyond mere products. It became a conduit for meaningful connections. What started as individual nail sessions blossomed into therapeutic group gatherings where women bonded over shared experiences and supported each other through the challenges of daily life.

After a successful launch year, personal challenges compelled me to step away temporarily to prioritize family and personal growth. During this hiatus, I immersed myself in my art, refining my skills and deepening my creative expression.

Now, with a renewed sense of purpose and enriched by my artistic journey, I am poised to re-enter the CPG industry. My focus remains steadfast on merging artistry with entrepreneurship, creating products that not only enhance beauty but also celebrate the power of connection and self-expression.

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