Meet The Artist

Artist Bio

Born and raised in New Mexico also known as the land of enchantment,  Peyton Le was always captivated by the vibrancy and complexity of the world around her. Drawing inspiration from the chaos and confusion of modern life, Peyton blends elements of pop surrealism and impressionism to create whimsical yet thought-provoking works of art.

With a keen eye for color and composition, Peyton uses bright hues and playful imagery to explore themes of disorientation, loss of control, instability, and hope. The resulting works are both visually stunning and emotionally resonant, inviting viewers to confront the dark and light aspects of the human experience.

Working primarily in oil, Peyton brings a unique blend of skill and creativity to her craft. As a self-taught artist (see my creative resources) , she has honed her techniques through years of experimentation and exploration, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with each new work.

Currently residing in Washington, Peyton continues to draw inspiration from the world around her, infusing her art with a sense of curiosity and wonder. 

Artist Statement 

As an artist, my mission is to create works that shed light on the often-misunderstood topic of mental illness. Through my art, I hope to spark a conversation and bring awareness to the struggles that many individuals face on a daily basis. My pieces are designed to be thought-provoking, encouraging viewers to reflect on their own experiences and consider the perspectives of others

In addition to exploring the complexities of mental health, I am also committed to representing the diversity of the Asian community through my work. By sharing stories and experiences that are unique to this group, I hope to challenge stereotypes and promote understanding across cultures.

Through my use of color, form, and composition, I aim to create art that is not only visually striking but also emotionally resonant. I believe that art has the power to transform and connect individuals, and I am dedicated to using my creativity to make a positive impact on the world.

Invisible: A Personal Journey Through Mental Illness

"Invisible" is a deeply personal artwork reflecting my journey with mental illness within an Asian family context where such issues were often overlooked. The depicted woman, embodying both myself and others in similar situations, portrays the pervasive emptiness and detachment experienced through depression and anxiety. The painting's background, a blend of muted, blurred colors, symbolizes the isolation and confusion mental illness can bring. The interplay of warm and cool tones underscores the internal conflict, aiming to illuminate the often invisible battle against mental illness and encourage a dialogue around mental health, especially in cultures less familiar with its impacts. This piece seeks to foster understanding and compassion for those silently enduring mental health struggles.

Project Type: Oil Painting 24 x 36 Cotton Canvas

Date: 2023

Location: Vancouver, WA


In creating, "Perfect" I decided to use two ballerinas to create a sense of contrast and tension. The larger ballerina represents the struggle to find balance in life, while the smaller ballerina represents the fragility and vulnerability that can come with depression. I wanted to show the larger ballerina off-center to create a sense of instability and uncertainty.

To create a sense of movement and texture in the painting, I used loose and varied brushwork. I applied the paint thickly in some areas to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, and used lighter strokes in others to create a sense of lightness and airiness.

I chose cool tones for the painting to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, which contrasts with the sense of tension and drama created by the mix of light and dark elements. The ballerinas are dressed in soft, flowing costumes to emphasize the fluidity and grace of their movements.

Overall, I wanted to create a painting that would convey a the struggle to find balance in life and overcome the challenges that depression can bring.
Project: Oil Painting 24 x 36 Cotton Canvas
Date: March 2023
Location: Vancouver

Modern Motherhood

I was inspired to create the impact of COVID-19 and the shift to working remotely, which has presented many challenges for mothers. The pandemic has upended our lives and forced us to adapt to new ways of working and living, which has been particularly difficult for mothers who are juggling the demands of work and family.

In creating this piece, I wanted to capture the emotional complexity of motherhood in the age of COVID-19. I wanted to convey the sense of exhaustion and vulnerability that many mothers feel, while also highlighting the deep love and tenderness that is at the heart of the maternal experience.

The use of light and dark tones was an important part of my creative process. I wanted to create a sense of drama and depth, while also highlighting the importance of the mother and child. The dark background creates a sense of mystery and depth, while the light illuminates the mother and baby, emphasizing their importance and creating a sense of intimacy.

The surrounding imagery reflects the challenges of balancing traditional roles with the demands of contemporary life. The laptops in the background suggest a connection to the modern world, while the impressionistic and vintage imagery adds a timeless quality to the piece, highlighting the enduring themes of love, family, and sacrifice.

Overall, my inspiration for this piece came from the challenges I have faced in the age of COVID-19. This piece is a tribute to the resilience and strength of mothers everywhere, and a reminder of the enduring power of love and tenderness in the face of adversity.

Project: Digital Painting , Acrylic

Date: January 2023

Location: Vancouver, WA

Submerged Elegance

I often find myself exploring the delicate intricacies of the human experience through my work. My latest painting, titled "Submerged Elegance," delves into the unique experience of women, examining the pressures and expectations they face in their daily lives. Through the juxtaposition of high heels immersed in water, I hope to create a conversation about the importance of addressing women's mental health and recognizing the strength it takes to stay afloat amid the chaos.

The inspiration for "Submerged Elegance" came to me one quiet evening, as I reflected on the conversations I've had with women in my life—friends, family, and acquaintances. I listened to their stories of juggling work, family, relationships, and societal expectations, all while attempting to maintain their own identity and sanity. It struck me how often these incredible women were drowning in responsibilities, their mental health neglected, and their resilience taken for granted.

I chose high heels as the central element in this painting because they are a quintessential symbol of femininity and societal expectations. While they represent beauty, elegance, and power, they can also be a source of discomfort and constraint. The heels, partially submerged in water, represent the overwhelming burden that women carry. The water, on the other hand, symbolizes the depth and weight of these responsibilities that often remain unseen and unspoken.

In "Submerged Elegance," the water's surface ripples and reflects a distorted image of the heels. This serves to illustrate how the perception of women's lives can be warped by societal expectations, which often result in a distorted view of their reality. The piece invites the viewer to question their assumptions about the lives of women and to look beyond the surface.

My hope is that this painting sparks conversations about the importance of acknowledging and addressing the mental health of women. By bringing this topic to light, I aim to contribute to a more supportive, empathetic, and understanding society where women feel seen, heard, and respected for their strength and resilience.

To those who view my work, I encourage you to reflect on the women in your life, their struggles, and the often-unseen strength they possess. Let "Submerged Elegance" be a reminder to us all of the courage and tenacity it takes to navigate life's turbulent waters and the importance of offering a helping hand to those who may be struggling to stay afloat.
Project: Oil, Cotton Canvas 24 x 24
Date: March 2023
Location: Vancouver, WA


In crafting "Summon," I endeavored to capture the essence of what I perceive as the Modern Woman's Guardian amidst the intricate Dance of Life. This art print emerged from a place of deep reflection and artistic exploration, aiming to embody the symbolic interplay between masculine energy and its role as a protector, personified through the majestic form of a dragon.

The dragon, with its vibrant amalgamation of blue and orange hues, is not just a mythical creature in this context but a potent symbol of strength, warmth, and guardianship. Its form coils protectively around a woman who stands resolute and determined, a testament to the enduring spirit and courage of the modern woman. The dragon's watchful gaze serves as a bastion against the adversities and challenges that life unfurls, embodying a powerful protective force.

The backdrop against which this dynamic unfolds is no less significant. I chose to depict a world rich in complexity, mirroring the multifaceted reality of today's society. Through expressive brushstrokes and rich textures, I sought to bring this world to life, each detail telling a part of the greater story of empowerment and resilience.

"Summon" is, at its heart, an ode to the harmonious interplay of energies that surround and define us. It is a visual narrative that speaks to the power of protection, strength, and the unwavering courage that characterizes the modern woman. This piece is an invitation to reflect on the guardians in our own lives, the unseen forces that watch over us, and the strength we harbor within. It is a testament to the resilience and empowerment that we can summon in the face of life's dances, a reminder of the protective warmth that guides us through.

Project: Oil Painting 24 x 36 Cotton Canvas

Date: November 2023

Location: Vancouver, WA


As an artist, I am constantly inspired by my own experiences and emotions, and my "Simple" is no exception. The inspiration behind this comes from a robot toy I owned as a child that I simply adored and couldn't sleep without. It was a perfect representation of my childhood and the fear of abandonment that I experienced.

Growing up, my parents worked long hours, which meant I was away from them for several hours a day. This experience haunted me in my dreams, as I always dreamt of losing my way home or being forgotten. As an adult, I wanted to create something to help me confront and process this fear that I still carry with me today.

The robot represents the innocence and vulnerability of childhood, while the muted colors and soft brushstrokes create a somber, melancholic atmosphere.

Through this piece, I hope to convey the message that childhood experiences, both good and bad, shape who we are as adults. I am overly protective of my own children now and work tirelessly to protect them from the same feelings of abandonment that I endured when I was younger.

In the end, this work is not just about me and my childhood fears. It is about the universal experience of fear and loss, and the power of art to help us confront and process these emotions.

Project: Oil, Cotton Canvas

Date: March 2023

Location: Vancouver, WA


In crafting this composition, I delved deep into the universal conflict that resides within us all—the constant battle between greed and genuine human struggle, especially in the context of money and our deepest, most heartfelt desires. This artwork presents a young woman, her face dramatically split down the middle, serving as a canvas upon which this age-old battle is vividly portrayed.

On one side of her visage, darkness takes form in a menacing demon, an embodiment of greed and the insidious ways it can consume our spirit and intentions. This demon is not just a figure of fear; it is a mirror reflecting the darker facets of our nature when faced with the allure of material wealth. On the other side, the stark, raw humanity of struggle is visible, highlighting the purity and vulnerability of our aspirations when stripped of greed's corrupting influence.

The young woman stands at the heart of this tumult, clutching money tightly to her chest—a stark emblem of the myriad choices laid before us. This gesture is not merely one of possession but a poignant reminder of the moments when fear and the instinct for survival nudge us towards embracing our inner demons, towards choices that may lead us away from our true paths.

This canvas is more than an artwork; it is a stage where the eternal conflict between our noble aspirations and the shadows that lurk within is enacted. Through this piece, I invite viewers to reflect on their own battles, on the tension between what we desire deeply and the sometimes dark means we might employ to achieve these ends. It is a meditation on the choices we face, on the moments when we stand at a crossroads between light and darkness, between greed and genuine need.

Project: Acrylic on Cotton Canvas

Date: December 2023

Location: Vancouver, WA